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AmeriWaste looks forward to providing you exceptional service in the City of Hitchcock.
The following is an outline of our trash collection and billing policies. 

Unacceptable WasteHazardous materials which consists of gas, oil, paint thinner, and tires, TV, microwaves, propane tanks, batteries, oil based paint or any other type of chemicals including lawn and pool will not be picked up. 

 If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Service Office  (281) 331-8400.

Brush Guidelines

Quarterly Heavy Bulk Pickup
Please help spread the word and read all the way to the bottom where it talks about a recycling add-on for your service.
Please see the images below and I will make sure this information is placed on the city website.
Per Contract our contract:
Quarterly Curbside Bulky Waste Collection: Contractor shall schedule quarterly curbside bulky waste collection on the first Saturday of each month based on zones (as provided to the City) limited to six (6) items per home per pickup. Bulky Waste must be accessible by the Contractor's equipment. Bulky Waste should not be placed under power or phone lines, next to mailboxes or electrical boxes. bulky Waste must not be more than five (5) from the roadway.
June -A
July -B
Aug -C
Sept -A
Oct -B
Nov -C
Dec -A
Jan -B
Feb -C
March -A
April -B
May -C
More information:
Bulky Item - White goods such as stoves, refrigerators that have CFC removed by a certified technician, water tanks that have been drained, washing machines, dryers, couches, chairs, furniture, toilets, medium sized appliances or other over sized wastes which are customarily to ordinary housekeeping operations of a residential unit and whose large size precludes or complicates its handling by normal solid waste collection processing, or disposal methods.
Bundle- Yard trimmings securely tied together forming an easily handled package not exceeding for feet (4') in length, eighteen feet in diameter or 50 lbs. in weight.
Green Waste - Grass, leaves, tree trimmings, branches and other items derived from plants. This does not include tree trunks or root balls.
Heavy Trash - Refuse that is of such size and weight that it cannot be placed in a thirty-two (32) gallon container, or if it can be placed into a thirty-two gallon container, its weight exceeds 50 lbs. Heavy trash shall nor include items or materials which cannot be safely lifted and placed upon a truck by two (2) people.
Unusual accumulation - For residences and small commercial collection, a regular collection of more than six (6) containers of garbage, bundles, items or the equivalent in each pickup. For commercial establishments, accumulation that would not occur in the ordinary course of business.
Yard Trimmings or Yard Waste - In accordance with 30 TAC Section 330.3, defined as "Leaves, grass clippings, yard and garden debris, and brush, including clean woody vegetative material not greater than six inches in diameter, that results from landscaping maintenance and land-clearing operations. The term does not include stumps, roots, or shrubs with intact root balls."
Residential collections: Contractor shall schedule all residential collection on Wednesday/Saturday and Monday/Thursday for the Harborwalk Subdivision. No residential collection shall be made om Sundays unless Contractor is directed to do so by the City. Residential Services shall occur between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on the scheduled collection day(s). Contractor shall pick up a limit of six (6) items of solid waste per home per pickup. All household waste must be bagged and placed in a container. Heavy Trash and Bundled Brush must meet the requirements for curbside pickup on each day of the weekly collection.
Quarterly Curbside Bulky Waste Pickup - Contractor shall schedule quarterly Curbside Bulky Waste collection on the first Saturday of each month not to exceed eight hours each pickup based on Zones (as provided to the City)) limited to six items per home per pickup. Bulky Waste must be accessible by the Contractor's equipment. Bulky Waste should not be placed under power or phone lines, next to mailboxes or electrical boxes. Bulky waste shall not be more than five feet from the roadway.
Recycling option ~ There needs to be at least 200 residents that sign up for this service for it to start in Hitchcock.
All phone calls should be directed to 281-331-8400 and emails should be sent to Residents need to contact AmeriWaste to setup the service and for Ameriwaste to schedule the recycling cart delivery.
The cost according to AmeriWaste is $32.48 + tax per year.

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