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Alvin, Texas
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The City of Hitchcock has contracted with AmeriWaste to provide solid waste collection and disposal services to our citizens and business owners.  Residents and business owners need to contact City Hall at (409) 986-5591 to set-up trash service.

Residential Collections:

Twice weekly, AmeriWaste will provide household waste collection service to the residents of the City of Hitchcock.

Residential Collection Days & Times:

  • Waste collection for the city is scheduled for Wednesday & Saturday excluding Harborwalk Subdivision.
  • Harborwalk Subdivision waste collection is scheduled for pick up on Monday & Thursday.
  • Residential services shall occur between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on the scheduled collection day(s).
  • Do not place waste containers or materials out for collection earlier than 6:00 pm the day before your collection day and any uncollected waste material or receptacles must be removed no later than 11:59 pm on the day of collection.

Residential Disposal Requirements:

  • AmeriWaste shall pick up a total of six (6) items of solid waste per home per pickup.
  • Household waste, garbage, trash must be bagged and placed in a container.
  • Heavy Trash/ Bulky Waste is refuse that cannot be placed in a thirty-two (32) gallon container and weights less than fifty pounds (50 lbs.). For example,
    • Household Trash
    • Baby Cribs
    • Twin Mattress or Box Spring
    • Kitchen/bathroom sink
    • Green Waste
      • Bagged leaves.
      • Bagged grass clippings.
      • Tree limbs – Cut, bundled and no longer than 4 ft, less than 18 inches in diameter and 50 lbs.
  • Bundled Brush
    • Tree trimmings, small tree limbs, vines, twigs and brush without roots that are securely bundled (tied together) as follows:
      • Cannot be longer than four feet (4') in length, AND
      • Cannot be larger than eighteen inches (18”) in diameter OR 50 lbs. in weight.

Normal Residential Collection DOES NOT INCLUDE the removal of BULKY WASTE ITEMS, construction/demolition materials, unbundled brush/tree limbs or ANY vegetation resulting from land-clearing operations.

BULKY/HEAVY WASTE ITEMS may require a special scheduled pick-up. Please contact AmeriWaste to discuss bulky waste pick-up at a minimum of one week before you need a pick-up scheduled. AmeriWaste will send out a representative to evaluate the items and advise the customer on the cost to remove the waste.  The cost of the waste removal will have to be paid up front in order for the pick-up to happen.  A date will be scheduled between the customer and AmeriWaste. 

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