Born and raised in Houston, TX, Officer M. Sanford is a proud 3rd generation Texas Police Officer. Beginning his career in Law Enforcement with the Jamaica Beach Police Department on Galveston Island, Officer Sanford worked as a Reserve Officer assigned to the Beach Patrol Unit.  Officer Sanford also served as a Marine Safety Enforcement Officer in the Marine Division of Jamaica Beach Police Department. New to the Hitchcock Police Department in December of 2021, Officer Sanford brought with him an intense desire to serve the community and a strong belief in the concept of Community Policing. He is a certified Mental Health Officer and takes great pride in his work with those who struggle with depression and mental illness. Officer Sanford is a dedicated problem solver and often refers to himself as the self-appointed "King of Resources" when it comes to assisting the community's needy and downtrodden. 

Prior to his career as a Police Officer, Officer Sanford spent 24 years as a licensed Private Investigator, specializing in combating all aspects of Insurance Fraud. He was a founding member of a non-profit organization that assisted in locating missing children, and was active in his family business, an indoor shooting range and gun shop located in North Houston.

Officer Sanford is an avid surfer, fisherman, powerlifter, and immensely enjoys competitive pistol shooting. He is also father to a magnificent son and daughter, both Fightin' Texas Aggies. Officer Sanford attends Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church here in Hitchcock, where he is a faithful member of the Knights of Columbus. Officer Sanford attended the University of St. Thomas in Houston where he majored in English and Political Science. He graduated from the Houston Community College Police Academy Class 19C.