Professional Standards

The Hitchcock Police Department is dedicated to providing the best police service possible to all citizens.
Our employees are carefully selected and trained to provide this service to the community.
The Hitchcock Police Department is genuinely interested in recognizing employees that are committed to this goal.
The Hitchcock Police Department is also committed to taking action when its employees are derelict in their duties or are accused of wrongdoing. As a citizen,
your participation is welcomed and needed to ensure that outstanding employees are
recognized for their performance and that employee misconduct does not go unreported.

Racial Profiling Report 2017 – click for link to pdf

Complaint Dispositions

Any complaint made either in-person or anonymously will undergo Administrative Review to determine if it warrants an official investigation.

However, by law, if you wish to be informed of the complaint disposition you must sign a sworn affidavit concerning the details of the
alleged infraction. Regardless of type (Sworn/Anonymous),
after a thorough investigation, the complaint will be classified into one of the following dispositions:

Unfounded: No verifiable factual base for complaint.
Exonerated: The alleged act occurred, but was justified, legal,
proper and/or within the scope of existing departmental policy.
Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.
Sustained: Improper conduct, as supported by a preponderance of the evidence,
was committed by the accused employee.
If acts of misconduct not alleged in the complaint are discovered and supported by a preponderance
of the evidence they may also serve as grounds for disciplinary action.

Complaint Review
Final determination about the disposition of any complaint and any disciplinary action taken as the result
of sustained allegations will be made by the Chief of Police.