Officer D. Lazare joined the Hitchcock Police Department in 2021 and is a proud graduate of The Galveston College Police Academy. In his youth he had no intentions of going into law enforcement, but that would change several years ago after he realized he was unhappy with his current career path because it lacked purpose. 

 Officer Lazare is just starting his first year in law enforcement and is already showing his commitment, willingness to learn, and a desire to serve the community. Officer Lazare served as a Security Officer at The Army Corp of Engineers in Galveston, Tx before he became a patrol officer for The Hitchcock Police Department. Officer Lazare is enthusiastic about furthering his law enforcement career and has interest in learning more about mental illness, hostage negotiations, narcotics, and gangs. His ultimate goal in law enforcement is to do his part to strengthen police-community relations. 

 Officer Lazare was partly raised in Hitchcock, Tx while growing up and attended Hitchcock High School for one year. He also has family that lives in the city currently. 

 In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, playing basketball, watching movies, and meditation.