20240214-329A9511Officer N. Perez is a patrol officer for The Hitchcock Police Department and is a graduate of The Galveston College Police Academy. As a son of a military father, he was inspired from a young age to join the community as a protective force that also helps the community through teamwork and service.

Officer Perez has three years of experience as a police officer, and is already showing his commitment, diligence, and perseverance.

Officer Perez wants to further his career in law enforcement and is interested in narcotics, SWAT team, and one day hopes to be an investigator.

Officer Perez is working on obtaining his Intermediate Peace Officer's License within the next couple of months and hopes to promote within the department. 


Office Perez is a strong authority figure and is devoted to serving others and enhance the quality of life of all citizens. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, and playing soccer with old teammates from Ball High. He also enjoys restoring his old school project trucks, fishing, and going to the shooting range.