The records division is located at:
6815 2nd street
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Central Standard Time (CST), except on holidays.

Responsibilities of the Records Department

  • Interact with the public and other agencies seeking assistance in obtaining records
  • Answer questions, retrieve information, and fulfill requests for the release of criminal history police reports and public records pertaining to individuals and the Police Department.
  • Deliver reliable Customer Service to the public and other agencies with record keeping, filing, report preparation, and knowledge of principles, practices, and procedures of the Police Department.

Retrieving a Record/Report: To request a record/report, an Open Records Request form is to be filled out with as much correct information as possible. Requests can be delivered to the Police Department or emailed to The records technician will then process the request and collect payment as needed.

For an Open Records Request form, click HERE:

Production of Records

  • Records are normally available in paper form. The requestor will be notified when the records are available and to arrange for pick-up of the records from the Hitchcock Police Department.
  • Records consisting of more than ten (10) pages, CANNOT be sent via fax. Faxes cannot be sent to long distance numbers unless charges are prepaid.
  • Records can be sent by mail, provided the requestor prepays all charges, including postage and handling fee.

 Online Retrieval of Accident Reports
Accident reports can be retrieved online by going to