Pursuant to Section 372.009(c) of the Texas Local Government Code, as amended, notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Hitchcock, Texas (the “City”), will hold a public hearing at 6:00 p.m. on September 22, 2021, Hitchcock, Texas on the advisability of the improvement proposed in a landowner petition for the creation of a public improvement district (“PID”). 

General Nature of Proposed Improvements:   The general nature of the proposed public improvements (the “Improvements”) include: (i) landscaping; (ii) erection of fountains, distinctive lighting, and signs; (iii) acquiring, constructing, improving, widening, narrowing, closing, or rerouting of sidewalks or of streets, any other roadways, or their rights-of-way; (iv) construction of improvement of pedestrian malls; (v) acquisition and installation of pieces of art; (vi) acquisition, construction, or improvement of libraries; (vii) acquisition, construction, or improvement of off-street parking facilities; (viii) acquisition, construction, improvement, or rerouting of mass transportation facilities; (ix) acquisition, construction, or improvement of water, wastewater, or drainage facilities or improvements; (x) the establishment or improvement of parks; (xi) projects similar to those listed in (i)-(x); (xii) acquisition, by purchase or otherwise, of real property in connection with an authorized improvement; (xiii) special supplemental services for improvement and promotion of the district, including services relating to advertising, promotion, health and sanitation, water and wastewater, public safety, security, business recruitment, development, recreation, and cultural enhancement; (xiv) payment of expenses incurred in establishment, administration, and operation of the District, including the costs of financing the public improvements listed above; (xv) the development, rehabilitation, or expansion of affordable housing; and (xvi) payment of expenses associated with operating and maintaining the improvements listed above. 

Total Estimated Cost of Improvements:  $40,000,000 

PID Boundaries:  The PID will consist of 224.958-acre tract of land the (the “Tract”) located within the corporate limits of the City, as reflected on the attached vicinity map.  A metes-and-bounds description of the proposed PID can be inspected at the office of the City Secretary, at 7423 Highway 6, Hitchcock, Texas 77563. 

Proposed Method of Assessment:  The Petition requests the City levy assessments on each lot or parcel within the District in a manner that results in imposing equal shares of the costs on property similarly benefited.  The City by ordinance shall specify the method of payment of the assessment.  The City may defer an assessment until a date the City specifies in the ordinance. The City may provide those assessments be paid in periodic installments, at an interest rate and for a period approved by the City. The owner of assessed property may pay all or any part of the assessment, with interest that has accrued on the assessment, on any lot or parcel at any time.  If an assessment is allowed to be paid in installments, then the installments must be paid in amounts necessary to meet annual costs for those Authorized Improvements financed by the assessment and must continue for a period necessary to retire the indebtedness issued to finance or refinance those Improvements (including interest). 

Proposed Apportionment of Costs Between the PID and the City:  Approval and creation of the PID will not obligate the City to provide any funds to finance the proposed public improvements, other than from assessments levied on the District and tax increment reinvestment zone revenue, if a tax increment reinvestment zone is created within all or part of the District.  No City property in the District shall be assessed. The Petitioner may fund certain improvements from other funds available to the Petitioner.

All interested persons are invited to attend the hearing to provide oral comments or any person may submit written comments to the City Secretary, at 7423 Highway 6, on or before 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 22, 2021.