June 29, 2022

My name is Darron Ray and I am the Fire Marshal for the City of Hitchcock. As we enter the July 4th weekend, I would like to remind you that Galveston County and the City of Hitchcock have both issued burn bans. The severe drought we are currently in has caused ground vegetation to die and become a serious fire danger.  While fireworks are specifically excluded from burn bans, the potential fire hazard from fireworks remains significant.

City ordinance section 91.41 states that it is unlawful for any person to sell, offer to sell, or have in his possession with intent to sell, keep, use, discharge, cause to be discharged, ignite, detonate, fire, or otherwise set in action any fireworks of any description.  Simply stated, unless you have a Fireworks Permit issued by the city, it is unlawful to discharge fireworks of any kind within the city.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2018 an estimated 19,500 fires, including 1,900 structures and 500 vehicles, were caused by fireworks. Over 12,000 fireworks injuries were treated in emergency rooms in 2017. As we celebrate this holiday, please be safe and remember that we are currently under a burn ban and discharge of fireworks without a permit is strictly prohibited in the City of Hitchcock.

Darron Ray
Fire Marshal
City of Hitchcock