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City of Hitchcock Storm Debris Removal Information


The City of Hitchcock has been working diligently to gain approval to remove and dispose of debris.We will start the first phase of picking up construction material and other approved storm related debris on affected streets Friday, September 22, 2017.

Currently, the City of Hitchcock is working on the next step of this recovery phase and we are being very cautious with the decisions made to ensure the best interests of the entire community are considered. This storm received a major disaster declaration, which could make disaster-related costs including debris removal and monitoring eligible for FEMA reimbursement. All debris removal will be conducted in accordance with FEMA guidelines to allow for potential reimbursement. This will ensure that our efforts are eligible for such funding when and if it occurs.

In the meantime, the City will continue to manage the debris removal efforts. KEEP IN MIND that no commercial debris or hazardous waste will be removed by the City or contractor for the City. All debris placed in the right-of- way must be related to this disaster.

Contractors hired for demolition are required to remove and dispose of debris, rather than placing debris in the right-of- way. If debris is dumped in the right-of- way it will not be picked up.

Homeowners and volunteers who place residential debris in the right-of- way should keep disaster debris separate from household garbage. Clean vegetative debris and recyclables should be placed separately from construction, demolition debris and mixed debris. Please place debris outside of travel lanes and drainage ditches and away from obstacles such as mail boxes, water meters and fire hydrants.

Currently, we estimate that Storm debris removal will continue for several weeks. After the first round of debris removal has been completed, we will make additional passes but homeowners, contractors and volunteers need to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a more safe and rapid recovery.

Here are some specific guidelines to assist residents with the process:

DO place debris just behind the curb; do not block travel lanes, ditches, driveways or alleys;
DO keep disaster-related debris separate from regular household garbage;
DO, where practical, place clean vegetative debris and recyclable items in separate piles; and
DO recommend that volunteer workers also follow all of these guidelines.

DO NOT deposit hazardous waste in the right-of- way; this includes paint, oils, electronics, etc.
DO NOT direct paid contractors to place debris in the public right-of- way;
DO NOT place debris in driveways or alleys;
DO NOT place debris that is covered by insurance on the public right-of- way;
DO NOT co-mingle household garbage with disaster-related debris; and
DO NOT place debris near obstacles such as gas meters, water meters, fire hydrants or mail boxes.

Due to congestion in several areas, temporary street closures may occur to facilitate the debris removal phase and recovery efforts.

Due to congestion in several areas, some streets may be temporarily designated ONE WAY. Again, should this occur, it will be only a temporary measure to facilitate traffic during the debris removal phase and recovery efforts.

We ask all residents to be our partners in restoring Hitchcock to its pre-storm state. Your cooperation and support enables us to complete the entire process in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner possible.



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